Unconditional Love

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Love seeks the union Of east and west Of sacred truths And political promises Love is the wake up call The refugee prisoner And the power to change it all Love seeks the union Of north and south Of frozen … Continue reading

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~The Wholeness Love Brings~


Love is the undone dress
Left crumpled on the floor,
The tenderness unravelled
Love is the unsung song
The broken lyric
The longing left behind
Love is the crest fallen
The pinnacle descended
And the mourning peak

And yet love is the temple
Of forgiveness and faith
It is the garden of our dreams
Love is the unconditional

Love’s mystery directs
Its own course,
Paths undiscovered seek
Resolution in their union
Love is a lament
Of all that could be,
An impulse of desire
That finds its own way
Love surmounts the impossible

Love is the yearned-for promise
Hoped for and delivered
Love is pure and gentle
Love is direct and truthful
Love is a melody of our sameness
And a symphony of our uniqueness
Love brings us unexpected gifts
And delights in the moment
Love is worship, sacrifice and tolerance

Love gives everything
But retains its own identity
Love serves
With no expectation of being returned

Love is the tranquil touch of healing
And the dissolution of pain
Love yearns for perfection
And yet finds beauty in our flaws
Love remembers everything
And gives praise for the learnings

So that the crumpled dress
May be worn with grace and beauty
So that love may complete
The undrawn circle
So that we may exalt
In the wholeness love brings

© Amata Natasha Goldie 2014 – All rights reserved.


Whale and Child

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The Spark Of God That You Are


You are the weaving,

Of my eternal dawn

With your hand in mine,

We soar to realms unfathomed

Where day and night melt,

Into a celestial soul cry

And our mortal selves dissolve,

Before the masters of Time

Now we burn like a brilliant star,

The cosmos is ours

And in this moment, everlasting,

We taste the miracle, of who we truly are

For we dance in a place

Where Time cannot take,

Our youth of spirit,

Nor, our lightness of being

Our souls belong to another land

To the beauty beyond,

Where our hearts rejoice,

In the infinite

You are my remembrance,

My bridge to the immortal,

Where oneness,

Is our only reality

And separation,

Is but a lost moment

A fleeting experience,

Upon a beautiful, but strange adventure

I see you in your divinity

Unbroken by this world,

And yet the ties of existence,

Still bind us

But when your spirit is weary,

Rest in mine, my Beloved,

Come and soar with me,

I will return you,

To the spark of God, that you are


© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015- All rights reserved.


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I Shall Find you There


In the prism of an atom,

In the heart of the Beloved,

You shall find me there

In the eyes of wakefulness,

In the purity of the eternal,

You may follow my footsteps,

My longing, my voice,

My cry for the soul of life,

To sing of the beauty,

The transcendent, our heritage,

Of Love

Join me,

Come and seek this sacred longing,

This undeniable power,

That gives voice to soul,

And divinity to being

Let not the angst and ties of this reality bind you,

For you were born to be free

You are the rainbow,

In a butterfly’s’ wings,

And the ever-changing expanse,

Of the distant horizon

I see you in the omnipresence of infinity,

In the eyes of an owl,

In the journey of a river,

And the embrace of the wind

You dwell within everything

In the heart of the Beloved,

In the quivering of timelessness,

Deep within the ever-present pulse of love

I shall find you there


© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015 – All rights reserved.






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The Birthing

The Earth’s heart wept,
And Time spoke not of lessons and experiences

All was quiet

And within the quivering of all souls,
Beauty birthed

And all around, a magical sound,
A symphony of unity and oneness

All hearts opened,
The chorus sang out

As Peace held hands with Love,
And, in the blinking of all eyes,

A new consciousness, was born


© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015 – All rights reserved.

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~ The Awakened One ~

What is it that you came here for?
Who were you before,
Entering this realm
Of a forgotten awakened civilisation
You come with no remembrance,
Your wings hidden,
And only a soul full of hope

Eyes open
And wings spread
You embark upon the path of life
A heart enflamed with love,
A mind awake with consciousness
A soul on fire with truth

Your path holds many insights,
And heralds many teachings,
Serving your chosen purpose,
You elate with the joys,
And plummet with the lows,
In a world of duality,
The middle path is not easily attained

And yet, your heart is strong,
Your soul immoveable,
And Time awakens you
To the remembrance of who you were,
The same winged spirit,
That you are now

And with wings on fire,
With the glow of the Sun,
Your journey stretches on,
into the infinite and everlasting

You are part of the civilisation that has awoken,
Your heart is aglow with knowing,
Your wings radiant, in full bloom you soar,
Into the skies of tomorrow,

To bring Peace to Earth

© Amata Goldie 2015-All rights reserved.


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~ Messengers of Love ~

Akin to the almighty
You kneel
Surrendered to self
And the layers melt away
In repose
In reverie
Of this united sublime-ness
Of this oneness

And your body swirls
To meet with the Beloved
In the temple of the divine
You sing sacred tones
Knees bent, hands clasped
Arms outstretched, body twirling,
You are the dance,
Of this tender breath

You are the song of devotion
Freed from the fires of illusion
Yet aglow with eyes of love,
Akin to the almighty
You arise
Transcended through self,
Glowing with radiant presence
Our souls alive with One voice,

We are the messengers of Love

© Amata Natasha Goldie – All rights reserved



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~ Love’s Ecstacy ~

You are my core, my essence,
Yet I cannot hear your heartbeat,
You are my song, my hearts’ calling,
Yet, I cannot feel your soft breath,
You are my deepest yearning, my intoxication,
Yet, distance tortures us, into submission,

And now, Beloved,
We are together,
Our hands move as rapid whispers,
In the forbidden forest of Loves’ desire,

O divine ache,
You leave me unfeathered,
The memory of your scent,
Traces a path of tenderness to my soul,

O sweet lover,
Come to me, in pure nakedness,
And leave the world at my feet,
This longing can only be complete,
When our worlds meet,
As one virtuoso, one symphony

To sing Loves’ ecstasy

© Amata Natasha Goldie – All rights reserved

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~ The Return ~

I am your robe of passion
Wear me and return
To the seed of creation
That birthed you

Discard the confines of routine
Come dance now
In the moonlight
And be as the magnificence
Of the stars,
Once again

Let me undress the identity of your bondage
Let me carry you, naked
Into the jewel of remembrance
We shall bask there
Our petals open, bare

I am your song
When you have forgotten how to sing
Come and sway with me
In the eternal sound of silence
Let us meet there

Come beloved
Rest your life-weary head in my hands
Let me be your alchemist
Let my breath become your heartbeat
So you may pulse in oneness
Once again

© Amata Natasha Goldie – All rights reserved.


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~ The Feline Teacher ~

How many lifetimes have I lived
To reach this feeling?
How many times have I looked
Through different eyes,
With the same soul?

And each time,
The eyes have seen further and opened wider,
Until the distant horizon is reached,
In only a blink,
And voyages of lifetimes enter the realm of yesterday,

I see infinity in your eyes,
And a mystery that defies all understanding,
You are the embodiment of a world beyond worlds,
Yet you dance in the eternal moment,
With your playful innocence,

You teach me the art of being,
And of playing,
Of living in the ever-new moment,
To tiptoe in twilight,
And frolic in the morning light,

How many lifetimes have you lived, Beloved?
To teach me this, in your unconditional ways?
How many times have you lovingly taught
The same lessons,
So that we may all be free?

And each time, it is your own eyes,
That have truly seen,
And it is your own heart,
That has opened wider,

Until the suffering and sorrow of humanity,
Is no more,
And in those eternal moments of your love,
The whole planet is healed

~ Dedicated to my Beloved feline teacher ‘Tibet’

© Amata Natasha Goldie – All rights reserved.


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