Two People One Love

Two people, one Love

One beautiful unity in Time

One meeting of sacred hearts,

The universe gushed with possibilities,

One spiritual mission aligned

Happiness birthed tiny beings,

Two  star souls said “yes”

And the two became four,

Then the door opened to southern Earth

One pilgrimage in Time,

Two people, One Love

Until the hands of Time awakened,

To stand still

And Love was lost

The beauty shattered,

Into a million pieces

And Love cried for those beautiful souls


Like a phoenix from the ashes.

She rose,

She rose to save her star souls

She looked the face of death in the eye,

And said “NO”

And so, the phoenix goddess rose

She rose and shone her brilliant light

Two paths flung apart,

But Time journeyed onwards,

Always moving,

And the epochs passed

Love gave them the gift of Acceptance,

And Understanding grew as a garland of flowers,

Between them

Time taught Forgiveness,

And the present moment gifted Compassion

Healing shone her light

And Love was re-born in a different form

Two people, One Love

One beautiful unity in Time

© Amata Goldie 2018

~ Dedicated to my precious parents

One Love

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In One Lifespan


In one lifespan
A cycle begins and ends

In one fleeting moment
One heart
A heart that loves and breaks,
With all the joys and sorrows

One brief moment in millenia,
One eternal journey through the multiverses

One soul
Imbued with a precious unique blueprint,
A soul who rises up,
To transcend circumstance,
One step forward, in one lifetime

And the memories of the journey,
Are recorded in the heavenly cinema of Time,

Where the hands of God
Heal weary souls,
And mend broken hearts,
And the lights of Home
Welcome us

In one lifespan,
A cycle begins and ends,
One sacred heart
One immortal soul

©️ Amata Goldie 2018

Dedicated to all divine beings who have journeyed Home 🙏And for all of us who contemplate life’s journey 🙏

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“A New North”

A million pieces lost,
A heart reclaimed,
A soul broken
Covered by the darkness of uncertainty
The compass is spinning
And now she drifts with no anchor

But through the inconceivable despair
Rising up through infinite blackness
Appears a shaft of of light
One beam of brilliance
Multiplies into a rainbow of prismatic colours
Radiant love energy enfolds her
Acknowledging, embracing, healing, restoring

The light devas whisper to her,
Reminding her of her Divinity,
Unimagined beauty lays ahead,
Dreams fully formed,
Await to be realised

And her broken soul
Manages to feel a glimmer of hope
Resting in the unconditional love of spirit
Finding peace, tears dry,
And the million pieces of her heart,
Form a star,
As the compass stops spinning,
To reveal a new north

©️Amata Goldie 2018

🙏Dedicated to a golden soul sistar💕🙏Beautiful image: full credit to unknown artist



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A Thousand Infinite Skies


Devotion is a thousand infinite skies
No quench sustains
The loving souls thirst
For elation
For the majestic
To taste once again
The transcendent
And yet,
The original essence dwells in the unattainable
Far from this world
Tasted once
Leaves a soul besotted
Flying in circles
In a thousand infinite skies


© Amata Goldie 2017


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Nectar of Golden Love

Spiralling beyond beginning or end
You were always there
Nestled deep in the codes of eternity
Your heart a spectrum of light
And you flowed into my soul
Like a never ending sweet nectar
Dancing in sacred tones
You came to me
And Love completed itself
In our magnetic union
Yearning drenched now
Only in this sweetness
Whence creation began
And all became known
By the word of love

Spiralling into existence
You came to bring light
Nestled deep in the heart of loves blossoming
You flowed into the ocean of humanity
So that Love may know itself
So that wholeness may return again
And broken souls may be healed
By each beloved union
Glowing with the splendour
Of the divine mystery
Bathed in the nectar of golden love

Copyright – Amata N Goldie 2017

Stunning artwork copyright by Greg Spalenka打印

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Hearts in Surrender


The seeds of transformation hovered

And faith shone

Like a newborn star

Re born out of the cave of darkness,

All fragmentation is made whole again

By the uniting gift of love

Each soul crowned by a halo of eternal light

No horizon, no end

Just the pulse of love,

Cleansing like rain,

Washing away all hurts

Hearts in surrender

Are opened again,

And tomorrow chimes

To hope everlasting

And peace within all souls


Copyright -Amata Goldie 2017

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Unconditional Love

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Love seeks the union Of east and west Of sacred truths And political promises Love is the wake up call The refugee prisoner And the power to change it all Love seeks the union Of north and south Of frozen … Continue reading

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~The Wholeness Love Brings~


Love is the undone dress
Left crumpled on the floor,
The tenderness unravelled
Love is the unsung song
The broken lyric
The longing left behind
Love is the crest fallen
The pinnacle descended
And the mourning peak

And yet love is the temple
Of forgiveness and faith
It is the garden of our dreams
Love is the unconditional

Love’s mystery directs
Its own course,
Paths undiscovered seek
Resolution in their union
Love is a lament
Of all that could be,
An impulse of desire
That finds its own way
Love surmounts the impossible

Love is the yearned-for promise
Hoped for and delivered
Love is pure and gentle
Love is direct and truthful
Love is a melody of our sameness
And a symphony of our uniqueness
Love brings us unexpected gifts
And delights in the moment
Love is worship, sacrifice and tolerance

Love gives everything
But retains its own identity
Love serves
With no expectation of being returned

Love is the tranquil touch of healing
And the dissolution of pain
Love yearns for perfection
And yet finds beauty in our flaws
Love remembers everything
And gives praise for the learnings

So that the crumpled dress
May be worn with grace and beauty
So that love may complete
The undrawn circle
So that we may exalt
In the wholeness love brings

© Amata Natasha Goldie 2014 – All rights reserved.


Whale and Child

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The Spark Of God That You Are


You are the weaving,

Of my eternal dawn

With your hand in mine,

We soar to realms unfathomed

Where day and night melt,

Into a celestial soul cry

And our mortal selves dissolve,

Before the masters of Time

Now we burn like a brilliant star,

The cosmos is ours

And in this moment, everlasting,

We taste the miracle, of who we truly are

For we dance in a place

Where Time cannot take,

Our youth of spirit,

Nor, our lightness of being

Our souls belong to another land

To the beauty beyond,

Where our hearts rejoice,

In the infinite

You are my remembrance,

My bridge to the immortal,

Where oneness,

Is our only reality

And separation,

Is but a lost moment

A fleeting experience,

Upon a beautiful, but strange adventure

I see you in your divinity

Unbroken by this world,

And yet the ties of existence,

Still bind us

But when your spirit is weary,

Rest in mine, my Beloved,

Come and soar with me,

I will return you,

To the spark of God, that you are


© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015- All rights reserved.


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I Shall Find you There


In the prism of an atom,

In the heart of the Beloved,

You shall find me there

In the eyes of wakefulness,

In the purity of the eternal,

You may follow my footsteps,

My longing, my voice,

My cry for the soul of life,

To sing of the beauty,

The transcendent, our heritage,

Of Love

Join me,

Come and seek this sacred longing,

This undeniable power,

That gives voice to soul,

And divinity to being

Let not the angst and ties of this reality bind you,

For you were born to be free

You are the rainbow,

In a butterfly’s’ wings,

And the ever-changing expanse,

Of the distant horizon

I see you in the omnipresence of infinity,

In the eyes of an owl,

In the journey of a river,

And the embrace of the wind

You dwell within everything

In the heart of the Beloved,

In the quivering of timelessness,

Deep within the ever-present pulse of love

I shall find you there


© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015 – All rights reserved.






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