Be Still, Listen

Be still

The serenity of the natural world beckons,
There are no planes in the sky now
Only birds,
And clouds, painted with Gods paintbrush

The cities and townships have quietened,
The pollution has lifted from great Gaia
For a century her breath has laboured
And now humanity wears the mask
To protect us
From a virus of our own making

Be still

Her medicinal treasures are fecund
She grows the cures for all ailments
She still bleeds oil to fuel our machines
And the almighty Sun gives so abundantly of his free energy
But still we don’t listen

An agenda devised an eon ago,
And a virus patented a year ago
Now takes centre stage
In the drama play
Another test
Between two opposites
Made famous in Hollywood scripts

Be still

Humanity stayed home,
And accepted
Fear reigned supreme
And survival became paramount
Some prayed and connected,
Others lost themselves in despair
Acts of kindness
And acts of war,
The choice lay within

Question what you hear
Question what you believe
The unveiling is ripe,
For those who yearn to see,
Empty your mind
And bathe your soul
In the miracle of the natural world

She does not seek to control us, to surveil us, or to vaccinate us
There are no patents on sovereignty and freedom
There is no darkness in the natural world
Even in the depths of caves shine crystalline light,
Just as stars sparkle in the midnight sky
Yet the agenda of darkness
Is ever present upon Her
And the battle is hidden from our view

Be Still

©️ Amata Goldie 2020

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Carrying Peace Within

Spinning and spiralling
I came in search
And found your oasis of peace
You showed me the path to the rainbow

Deep breath in and deep breath out
Downward facing dog,
Upside down I could see clearly again
I touched the pinnacle of clarity
Flowing in unison
Returning to wholeness
Child’s pose, my new surrender

You guided me to the bridge to eternity
And I found a familiar homecoming
Timelessness revealed herself to me
Far from the spiralling and spinning
I found oneness,
And a voice whispered, “Beloved, this is yours whenever you choose”

I cried on the inside
Truth never departs
It is as constant as the dawn of each new day
Once again I was facing the sun
Tears of gratitude in knowingness that
You gave me a gift so precious
I emerged from your sacred temple
Carrying peace within


For beautiful Yoga Goddess Gerri

©️ Amata Goldie 2020



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Rebirth my sweet children

Open the floodgates and let the vastness of your soul overflow

Unchain yourselves from the burdens of mortal woes

Dance as your true self

A Spirit of Divinity

This broken world aches to be healed

By your newly awakened light

Let the wildness of your uncontainable essence



Rise Beloved Rise

Awaken from your worldly trance

The time has come again

To dance our powerful dance

For the sacred re-birthing of your Beautiful Majestic Soul


Honour your uniqueness

Unfurl yourselves from your winter cocoons of hibernation

Sing the praise of the blossoms as they reveal their exquisite beauty

And so too must you

Gather up the fragments of your Self,

Your past experiences are sacred jewels

Contained within the chalice of your Heart


Bless your life’s journey as it has brought you here to this Now moment

Poised on the brink of your next grand creation,

Nurture your bodily temple as you would tend to your garden

Your Life is a Gift

You are brimming with untapped potentiality now made ripe

By the season of Spring

Renewal is upon you Beloveds


Let yourselves fall upon your knees and surrender in gratitude

Life’s chapters are being written by you,

You beautiful co-creators

Stretch now your wings and turn your face towards the Light

The Mighty Sun will give you the energy of life

And Goddess Moon will illuminate your path

Rebirth my sweet children

The Time is Now to share your magical presence

With a broken world


© Amata Goldie 2019

All Rights Reserved


Beautiful Photographic Image © by Abel Escobar

With Gratitude

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You Came To Earth, A Winged Spirit

You came to Earth, a winged spirit

Your heart pure

And wisdom shining

But the child was taken too early

And the innocence of life shattered

Into a thousand pieces

Always running from the past

Your spirit sought nectar

As a honey bee

You sparkled your charms

And great was your wisdom

But you knew too much

Of this world

And the truth is undeniable

When it’s revealed eye to eye

When it caves in upon you

Always running from the ones

That stole your inner child

You were strong, free and yet caged

By the inner battlefield that raged

Did they capture you in the end?

Or did you want to soar so high

To never return to this realm?

You came to Earth a winged spirit

But the child was taken too early

And now a thousand realms

Welcome you home

And our hearts will always know your beauty


¬ Dedicated to Carolina ¬ In loving memory of her presence here upon Earth

© Amata Goldie 2017


© Full credit to the artist of this image ¬ Artist Unknown¬

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In the Age of the Heart

In the Age of the Heart

Compassion grows as wild blossoms

Rampant and free

Filling fields as far as the eye can see

In the Age of the Heart

Gratitude flows over

In every cell of our being

From the microcosm to the macrocosm

In the Age of the Heart

Hands of healing will replace violence

And Love will be our language

In the Age of the Heart

The repressed will find their voice

And falsehood shall crumble

In the Age of the Heart

Life will be lived

As a sacred gift

Thankfulness, generosity and reciprocity

Shall fill our hearts and minds

In the Age of the Heart

All souls upon Earth

Shall awaken

To the truth

Of our shared divinity

Unity will reign

And Love will be our language


© Amata Goldie 2019



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A New Reality

A New Reality Image

When the oceans retreat,
To carry the weight of our mortal flaws

When the wind has stopped howling
To cleanse away the injustices of the world

When the pouring rain and icy snow
Have turned us inward in reflection

And when the fires of desert sands
Have scorched away our impurities

When the Earth spins faster
And the sun has melted our planetary history

Maybe then,
We will see the beauty and purity

Maybe then,
Our minds will quieten

And our hearts will open

Maybe then,
All souls will awaken

And Love will be
The new reality

©️ Amata Goldie 2018

🙏A plea to right all the wrongs



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In Surrender


In the eternity of our embrace

You flung open the gateway to your soul 

And let me in

In surrender


You lay upon the threshold of your own divinity

Naked in your purity

You gave me the key

And inside I journeyed

To see the world as you do

To think the thoughts you do

To feel the way you do

I entered into your heart 

On bended knee

And spoke of the truth that you see

And the miraculous happened

We gave birth to Unity

And unconditional Love 

Sprung like a fountain

From the heart of humanity

Cascading like a never ending river

This mighty ocean of Love and Unity 

Flowed into the cup of humanity’s longing

And behold, the collective thirst was quenched


In the eternity of our embrace 

You flung upon the gateway to your soul

And let me in

You surrendered 


©️ Amata Goldie 2018




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Two People One Love

Two people, one Love

One beautiful unity in Time

One meeting of sacred hearts,

The universe gushed with possibilities,

One spiritual mission aligned

Happiness birthed tiny beings,

Two  star souls said “yes”

And the two became four,

Then the door opened to southern Earth

One pilgrimage in Time,

Two people, One Love

Until the hands of Time awakened,

To stand still

And Love was lost

The beauty shattered,

Into a million pieces

And Love cried for those beautiful souls


Like a phoenix from the ashes.

She rose,

She rose to save her star souls

She looked the face of death in the eye,

And said “NO”

And so, the phoenix goddess rose

She rose and shone her brilliant light

Two paths flung apart,

But Time journeyed onwards,

Always moving,

And the epochs passed

Love gave them the gift of Acceptance,

And Understanding grew as a garland of flowers,

Between them

Time taught Forgiveness,

And the present moment gifted Compassion

Healing shone her light

And Love was re-born in a different form

Two people, One Love

One beautiful unity in Time

© Amata Goldie 2018

~ Dedicated to my precious parents

One Love

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In One Lifespan


In one lifespan
A cycle begins and ends

In one fleeting moment
One heart
A heart that loves and breaks,
With all the joys and sorrows

One brief moment in millenia,
One eternal journey through the multiverses

One soul
Imbued with a precious unique blueprint,
A soul who rises up,
To transcend circumstance,
One step forward, in one lifetime

And the memories of the journey,
Are recorded in the heavenly cinema of Time,

Where the hands of God
Heal weary souls,
And mend broken hearts,
And the lights of Home
Welcome us

In one lifespan,
A cycle begins and ends,
One sacred heart
One immortal soul

©️ Amata Goldie 2018

Dedicated to all divine beings who have journeyed Home 🙏And for all of us who contemplate life’s journey 🙏

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“A New North”

A million pieces lost,
A heart reclaimed,
A soul broken
Covered by the darkness of uncertainty
The compass is spinning
And now she drifts with no anchor

But through the inconceivable despair
Rising up through infinite blackness
Appears a shaft of of light
One beam of brilliance
Multiplies into a rainbow of prismatic colours
Radiant love energy enfolds her
Acknowledging, embracing, healing, restoring

The light devas whisper to her,
Reminding her of her Divinity,
Unimagined beauty lays ahead,
Dreams fully formed,
Await to be realised

And her broken soul
Manages to feel a glimmer of hope
Resting in the unconditional love of spirit
Finding peace, tears dry,
And the million pieces of her heart,
Form a star,
As the compass stops spinning,
To reveal a new north

©️Amata Goldie 2018

🙏Dedicated to a golden soul sistar💕🙏Beautiful image: full credit to unknown artist



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